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  • Jenna Edgar

IDEO: Course on Human Centered Design

Investigating the challenges regarding community garden spaces in London to see how we could help.

January 2017 my team and I enrolled for the Intro Course for Human-Centered Design developed by IDEO, and organisation I have been following for years and whose methodologies I had studied in great detail for my MDes in Chelsea College in 2012.

Discussions on the ground in communities around Elephant and Castle highlighted a need for green public spaces, but unlike manicured parklands there was a real enthusiasm for garden spaces that the residents could actively contribute to. So many living in cramped flat conditions without gardens of their own or the space to grow their own produce led us to the idea of temporarily claiming some of the unused spaces around this swiftly developing part of the city to occupy as community gardens.

The presentation document following our journey is below.


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