Christmas Ad Campaign

TotallyMoney's seasonal social media advertising campaign for brand awareness.

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About the project

The brief was to produce a seasonal ad campaign for TotallyMoney's services (credit score and credit products) for brand building.

Main challenges

  • Maximum duration of 8 seconds

  • One clear message per ad

  • Visual design and illustrations to fit with new brand style

Ideation Workshops

I led several ideation workshops including colleagues from design, copy and marketing to brainstorm ideas around the holiday season. We used these ideas to bring together new messages and themes to use in our seasonal campaign.

Three versions were selected to be taken forward for storyboarding and visual mockups.



The credit score transforms into a festive pudding.



Products to ease the pressure of holiday travel costs. Train emerges from card.



Products to ease the pressure of holiday costs. Train emerges from card.


Final Production

Once the messages and storyboards were signed off by the marketing manager, I briefed our external illustrator to produce some specific illustrations following our brand style.

Once we received these, I brought them all together using After Effects to add the motion. Below are the final versions that were launched in December 2019.